Virginia’s Tracy Lamont is an artist creating eclectic music for the masses, never confining himself to one lane or sound. Calling Lamont an Artist is just the beginning, emceeing, beat making, singing and producing, Lamont’s versatility and impact in the studio makes him one of a kind. Since his inception in 2015, Tracy Lamont has gone on to garner press from The Source, AllHipHop and others, while simultaneously starting to perform all over the country. Prolific in his own right, Lamont has a number mixtapes, EPs, collaborations and a grip of singles under his belt with no intent on stopping. Tracy Lamont can produce your record, write and record a catchy hook, smash a verse and then executive produce your album to make sure it’s headed in the right direction. Lamont is a force.


Latest Release:

After his ode the this mixtape scene with "Does Anybody Make Mixtapes" Tracy Lamont is back with a self-titled EP. The EP features production from Kemosxbe (@teepeertrap), Siaffa Jones (@siaffajones), and Fresco Stevens. While the majority of the production is handled by Tracy himself its easy to see why he chose them for additional production. The 8 song project showcases Tracy's many sides and talents as he glides effortlessly across each song. 


The Tracy Lamont EP