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       Virginia’s Tracy Lamont is an artist creating eclectic music for the masses, never confining himself to one lane or sound. Calling Lamont an Artist is just the beginning, emceeing, beat making, singing and producing, Lamont’s versatility and impact in the studio makes him one of a kind. Since his inception in 2015, Tracy Lamont has gone on to garner press from The Source, AllHipHop and others, while simultaneously starting to perform all over the country. Prolific in his own right, Lamont has a number mixtapes, EPs, collaborations and a grip of singles under his belt with no intent on stopping. Tracy Lamont can produce your record, write and record a catchy hook, smash a verse and then executive produce your album to make sure it’s headed in the right direction. Lamont is a force.


Tracy Lamont was introduced to music at an early age and the impact would shape him as a person and an artist, moving forward. From the jump Tracy’s parents would play an eclectic mix of music, from Missy Elliot and Jay-Z to Kirk Franklin and Kelly Clarkson, it isn’t just hip-hop that flows through Tracy Lamont. It’s Rap, it’s Gospel, it’s Soul, it’s R&B and truthfully close to everything in between that can be felt in Tracy’s Lamont’s music. As Tracy grew older he found himself singing in church choir, thus adding even more versatility to his arsenal that we hear today. Writing songs at the age of 9, the young prodigy also took on playing the Upright Bass for his school orchestra. Practicing almost daily this forced Tracy Lamont to learn to read how to read music. Lamont’s father would play a focal point in Lamont’s music education getting him his first keyboard. Lamont already curious and fully in love with music and its creation, began experimenting with producing and creating his own sound. After graduating high school and making music with a myriad of groups Tracy Lamont left home to be free and be himself. 


Fueled by love and motivation Tracy Lamont hopes to leave the listener with both, and some knowledge after listening to any of his tracks. In 2015, Tracy began the year by releasing his debut album “92 Til” on his birthday. The album a tribute to the signature sound, the creation of the project was a learning process for Lamont but also a declaration of the path he’s set for himself to this point. From there Tracy has been nothing short of prolific releasing singles every year for the last four years, including this one. Tracks like “Ashtray Full of Roaches” and “Space, Funk, Flow” both popular in their own right shows what Lamont brings to the table. While his debut may have been rooted in Boom Bap, Tracy Lamont has been stretching his arms with different sounds, flows and melodies since his inception amassing, close to 50K streams across all platforms combined.


Despite some conflict, Tracy Lamont has built a hefty resume for himself, producing for a number of artists including DramaB2R, Amiss O.mega and WizKid. He continues to refine his performing chops rocking the stage in places like Seattle and North Carolina solidifying his cross country and eclectic appeal. Tracy is looking to continue expanding his brand in 2022, between dropping new music, producing for more artists, releasing merchandise and much more, Tracy Lamont has no intention of stopping and wants you to grow with him.