"1 foot on who I am/2 Steps from who I was/Too far from the man above," Tracy raps on the self-produced outro. Tracy speaks on his relationship with spirituality and personal growth in a reflective yet confident tone. The self-titled EP represents a new level of maturity within the music and the life of Tracy Lamont. 

DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz tapes and Mixtape Weezy sparked the inspiration for "Does Anybody Make Mixrtapes?" In an era where mixtapes are more so "street albums" we wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest eras in Hip Hop. Lil Wayne's 06-08 run was incredible. He was on what I feel like was every song on the radio at that time, while simultaneously murdering freestyles over the hottest tracks at the time. 

After collaborating on numerous songs like the well received "Lie to Me" on Vinnie's 2016 project "Yes, I Am A Dreamer." The two took the opportunity presented to them by the Covid-19 lockdown to lock in and create "Stimulus Package. A 5 track EP featuring production from Tracy Lamont, MJ Nichols and Cmar the Producer. 

On the 5th anniversary of Tracy Lamont's debut "92 Til" he teams up with Siaffa Jones and madbill to deliver 922 an ode to the 90s Boom Bap and Sample based sound

The “DOGWOODS.EP” represents growth. Allowing yourself to be planted (still) and watered. Giving yourself the space to bloom (grow) and knowing your seasons. The album production is mainly handled by Tracy himself, with additional production coming from Raleigh native PAT Junior for Evan Knievel & Kenny's Song, made in tribute to Tracy's late manager Kenneth "NativBlakk" Johnson   

madbill is a producer based in Russia that took a liking to Tracy's sound in 2017-18. He contacted Tracy via DM on Instagram asking to send beats. Over the next few months of working together mad bill would send Tracy 100+ beats and 3 of them would become the hi.EP, a short intro into what the two planned to continue. Unfortunately madbill got into a situation and we haven't heard from him since! The two have about 30+ unreleased tracks in the vault, one which became "Unique" on the 2020 EP "922"